This page allows access to all of our drug sensitivity data and the genomic datasets used in our analyses.

The same data but for individual drugs or genes is also available from the relevant pages.

Data sharing policy -- Our commitment

The Wellcome Trust is committed to data sharing wherever possible. This maximises the value and scientific impact of the data, and ensures transparency and equity in exploitation of the opportunities created. The Institute recognises the need for researchers to be appropriately credited for their scientific contribution and investment in data generation. It is therefore expected that all researchers both honour agreements in line with Fort Lauderdale's data sharing principles and appropriately acknowledge the contributions of others.

For more information about the Institute's data policies, please refer to our legal page, which has sections on data sharing and use.

Alternatively you can download the PDF version of the Data Sharing Policy.


  • Cell line drug sensitivity, mutations and tissue type

    A table of cell line drug sensitivity data, mutations in cancer genes and tissue type. The genomic data in this file was used for the MANOVA. Download here as a CSV or Excel file.

  • Multivariate ANOVA for all compounds

    A table of results from multivariate ANOVA of cancer genes as modifiers of drug response. Download here as a CSV or Excel file.

    Drug response was analysed incorporating both IC50 values and the slope of drug response curves.

  • ANOVA of tissue effect on drug response

    A table of results from ANOVA of drug sensitivity in 48 different cancer subtypes as determined by measuring cell lines IC50s. Download here as a CSV or Excel file.

  • Elastic net results for all compounds

    A table of results from the elastic net analysis of drug sensitivity. All of our available genomic data including mutations and copy number changes in cancer genes, transcriptional profiles and tissue type are used as input variables. Download here as a CSV or Excel file.

  • Cell line genetic (mutation and copy number) and gene expression data used for EN analysis.

    A table of the transcriptional, mutation, copy number and tissue features used as input variables for the elastic net analysis. Download from here.

    A table of normalised gene expression data used in EN analysis. Download from here. The raw data is deposited in ArrayExpress (accession number is E-MTAB-783).

  • Cell line collection

    A table of the cell lines within our collection for screening. Download here as a CSV or Excel file.

  • Screening Concentration

    A table of the compounds with minimum and maximum concentration used in the screening. Download here as a CSV or Excel file

  • Raw data and fitted data

    Raw data file contains unprocessed fluorescence intensity values for all screening plates.

    Fitted data file provides a more complete description of drug response from our curve-fitting algorithm.

  • Archive

    Click here to download all releases.

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