This website and linked web pages contain data objects, results and supplementary data items related to and/or presented in the paper A landscape of pharmacogenomic interactions in cancer [Iorio et al, Cell 2016]. All the content is available in the table below and it also distributed across a set of web-pages (accessible through the below menu) roughly related to individual data-curation/analytical-aspects of the study.

The below table contains also tags indicating the data omic covered by the corresponding item or specifying if this is an annotation objects, as defined below:


                    SEQ:    genomic variants, coded genomic variants, generally from whole exome sequencing (WES) profiles;

                    CNV:    coded or plain information about copy number altered genes and chromosomal segments;

                    METH:  coded or plain epigenomic data;

                    EXP:     trascriptional data;

                    DR:       raw or processed, drug response data and drug sensitivity indicators;

                    MULT:   combination of different data types (for example, somatic mutations and copy number alterations for a sub set of samples);

                    ANN:     annotation items (such as, sample name catalogues, studies, tissue classifications etc.);

The second column roughly indicates the amount of processing performed to generate the item in a given row. Tags in this column ranges from Raw (for raw data) to Analysis (for results of the study).

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