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This page allows access to all of our drug sensitivity data and the genomic datasets used in our analyses.

Users have a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use data files for internal proprietary research and educational purposes, including target, biomarker and drug discovery. Excluded from this licence are use of the data (in whole or any significant part) for resale either alone or in combination with additional data/product offerings, or for provision of commercial services.

Please note: The data files are experimental and academic in nature and are not licensed or certified by any regulatory body. Genome Research Limited provides access to data files on an "as is" basis and excludes all warranties of any kind (express or implied).

Please select the data of your choice and click 'Download' button. Drugs included can be previewed in the table below.

Screening Set
Target pathway
Tissue specific analysis

Preview: drugs included in download

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